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I’m a digital brand consultant. I offer digital marketing that makes brands grow.

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About Me


I’m a Brand Manager turned Digital Marketer with 8 years of marketing experience based in Philly. I’ve worked with multinational brands in Portugal, Spain, the UAE and the US. Specifically in Consumer Goods, SaaS & Travel Industries.

Even though you don’t see Brand Strategy & Digital Marketing usually together, they complement each other perfectly because:

1. Your Brand Strategy governs everything, without it there is no Digital Strategy. Digital Strategy needs to stem from your Brand’s Strategy or it’s not building your brand, your most valuable asset.

2. Digital Marketing is the most efficient way of executing your brand’s strategy today. It allows mass marketing as well as specific targeting. It allows tailored creativity. It allows targeting every step of your sales funnel. It can do almost anything, which means focus is important. That’s where brand strategy comes into plan

My certifications:

My certifications:


Brand Strategy

Where does your brand sit now in the market and where should it be in the long term?  Brand Equity, Brand Architecture, Target Market, Competitive Analysis, Brand Positioning, Customer Personas.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Planning & execution of digital tactics like SEM, Paid Social, Display.

Content Strategy

Content creation, planning & distribution.

The Ideal Approach


It’s just like a doctor’s check-up. I try to understand what your brand is made of and where it is struggling. If you don’t know the disease, you don’t know how to treat it.


What are our objectives? What’s the approach? What are we going to focus on? Strategy is about what we choose not to do.


Using the strategy as base, what Digital Marketing Channels will we use to reach our objectives? Execution across SEM, SEO, Display, Social, Email, etc.

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